First PARC Ad Analyses of ’12

The first analyses from the Political Advertising Resource Center for the 2012 presidential election are now available. The new postings include an analysis of an ad from President Obama defending his energy record by Yvonne Slosarski, an analysis of an a positive Mitt Romney ad about “growing up” in Michigan by Jade Olson, an analysis of a negative spot from Rick Santorum authored by Jessica Lu, and an analysis of a Ron Paul commercial by Elia Powers.

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Attacking Newt

Newt Gingrich’s surge in the Republican polls this late in the primary season seems to have his competitors concerned–and that means the negative ads are starting to appear. For Ron Paul, Newt is a “hypocrite” in this ad:

Rick Perry lumps Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and President Obama together as all consistent supporters of mandated health care:

Gingrich’s response is a very conventional one. Candidates facing attack typically respond with the standard “all the others are busy attacking–I want to solve America’s problems.”

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“Morning Again” from Newt Gingrich

New ad(s) from Newt Gingrich–the emerging frontrunner in the 2012 Republican nomination contest. The ad capitalizes on a fundamental tenet of campaigning–the more optimistic candidate usually wins.

What’s also interesting is how the ad employs different soundtracks in different versions. The above version (posted on YouTube and used by the NYT in its column on the ad) uses music from the motion picture Rudy, evoking the emotions stirred by that film–an underdog tale of a undersized kid from the wrong-side of the tracks who gets to play football for Notre Dame. But the version posted on the Gingrich Web site uses different music. Whichever soundtrack is used, the basic message of the ad is clear–it can be “morning again in America” if Gingrich is elected. Powerful nostalgia, hearkening to Reagan.

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New PARC Site

Welcome to the new Web site for the Political Advertising Resource Center, a project of the Center for Political Communication & Civic Leadership at the University of Maryland.

PARC is a nonpartisan informational Web site that analyzes the television advertisements used in local, state, and national political campaigns.

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